Speed up promotions with a page of bios and summaries

Bios and SummariesCreate a page of biographies about yourself in several different lengths. Sometimes, you’re required to submit a bio of 25 words or 50 words. Why not take your time and prepare several bios in advance?

While you’re at it, create some summaries of your book—and memorize them. The next time someone asks what you do for a living, you’ll know what to say. Here are a few samples:

Tag line: Barbara Fanson is an author and graphic designer. She has just released a historical fiction book called Tragedy on the Twenty.

25-word bio: Add awards, books, and publications. If you don’t have any awards or your book has not been published yet, don’t say anything.

50-word bio: Add more words such as more awards and speaking events that are relevant.

100-word bio: Building on the previous, add more fun or interesting facts and details.