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Barbara Fanson

Barbara Fanson is an author, graphic designer, and retired college professor. She has written over 30 fiction and non-fiction books. Two were traditionally published while the rest were self-published. She is also a professional book reviewer.

Good Book is like a skirtBesides writing, teaching computers, and designing books and e-commerce websites for others, Barbara does speaking engagements.

Barbara is available to speak on:

  • Children’s books: Robins, Squirrels, or Nests
  • Traditional publishing versus self-publishing
  • Tragedy on the Twenty, her new historical fiction book
  • Life in 1933 on Highway 20 near Smithville, Ontario
  • Desktop Publishing
  • How to research the past to include in your story
  • Promoting your book

Contact: Barbara@Fanson.net

She lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, daughter, and a dashing black cat.

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