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Author showing Shirl the Squirrel Rises to New Heights
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Author Visit
for FDK to grade 3

Students will learn about the habitats and eating habits of robins and squirrels in this entertaining and educational presentation with 2 children’s picture books and an activity booklet.

Hunting for food is never easy when you’re a squirrel—especially if you can’t climb trees. Join Shirl the Squirrel and her friend Earl the Squirrel as they overcome obstacles in the search for food. Attacked by a blue jay and chased by a cat, they manage to get away. Can Shirl keep Earl from finding out her secret?

Children will also discover how robins make a nest, lay eggs, see them hatch in 14 days, grow into fledglings, and leave the nest—while watching out for predators (cats, humans, and raccoons). Find out what robins eat and watch them grow in photographs.

$100 for presentation to 3 classes plus $13 per book.

Telephone: 905.679.9229
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Barbara lives in Hamilton with a dashing black cat, 7 squirrels, 1 rabbit,  a chipmunk, and her human family.

“I would highly recommend inviting author/illustrator Barbara Fanson into your school. Her books are well loved by the students. Her presentation is engaging, educational, and the students loved it!!” —Kathleen Malarczuk, Teacher-Librarian, St. Michael Catholic School, HWCDSB

“Great curriculum-based presentation.” —Mrs. C. Bernasch, Teacher, St. Joachim Catholic School, HWCDSB

“An interesting and educational picture book.” —Kristen Van Kampen, Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading Robin Sees a Monster… the book is educational, but interesting and engaging … this children’s picture book shows the day-to-day growth of the baby birds, but adds adventure to the photographic journey. The author manages to turn the lifecycle of baby robins into an engaging book filled with warmth, suspense, and a little fear.” —Reader’s Favorites

“I like when the girl tolk a piccher of the robin.” —St. Joachim School Student
“I like when the branch broke and the cat jumped off.” —St. Joachim School Student