Here’s a novel idea: book me

Option 1: Robin Storytelling & Craft
For ages 4 to 8
Children will learn what squirrels eat, habitats, predators, and interesting information about them. Author Barbara Fanson will be reading her new book Robin Sees a Monster and then children will do a craft and activity sheet. Children will learn about nests in this engaging and educational presentation. Ideal for libraries.

Option 2: Writing Children’s Stories
For ages 8 to 12
In this writing workshop, children will look at 2 popular stories and compare the 5 elements of story writing: character, setting, plot, conflicts, and resolution. How can you add a villain or problem to your story? Is there an underlying theme? Barbara Fanson is the author/ illustrator of two picture books: Shirl the Squirrel  Rises to New Heights and Robin Sees a Monster.

Option 3: Get Your Book Published
For ages 12 and up, adults
Barbara Fanson is an author/illustrator of over 30 books. Some were traditionally published with a publisher, but since 1993, she has self-published her own books. She sells them in stores, online, Ingram, and Amazon. You can publish 1 book, 100 books, or 5,000 books. Everyone has a story … recipes, memoir, humourous anecdotes, or family tree. New book launched in September.

Option 4: Author Visit with 2 books about squirrels and robins
For FDK to Grade 3
Children will love this engaging and educational presentation about squirrel and robins including their habitat, eating habits, nests, and predators. Author Barbara Fanson will be reading her new book Robin Sees a Monster and Shirl the Squirrel Rises to New Heights, if time permits.

Option 5: Every Wrinkle Tells a Story
One day my aunt commented on how many wrinkles she had. 
“Every line tells a story and you have had many experiences,” I said. Some people are not given the privilege of getting old or having lines.
Every family has a story … or a collection of short stories. Some are humorous snippets, but sometimes tragedies show up as villains sucking the life right out of us. How did that make you feel? You have probably experienced fear or embarrassing situations. And sometimes you were triumphant so it’s okay to blow your own horn. 
One day, when you’re gone, one of your children or grandchildren is going to wonder something about you, but you won’t be around to answer. And that’s when they’ll wish they had listened a little bit more to your stories.
Author Barbara Fanson will help you get started on your story in this half-hour presentation or longer if you wish to add a workshop. She has written a historical fiction book, genealogical research family book, 2 picture books, and several non-fiction books.