Typing trademark and copyright symbols

Since your keyboard comes with a trademark symbol ™, a registered trademark symbol ®, and a copyright symbol ©, why not use them instead of typing the word or using alphabetic approximations such as (TM) or (C).

Many word processors will automatically insert the symbol whenever you type TM, so you may have to adjust your Preferences if you really want TM and not the smaller superscript symbol like this ™.  Or, if you want to type Section 3(c) and not Section 3©.

Symbol Symbol Name Windows Mac HTML
Trademark alt 0153 option + 2
® Registered Trademark alt 0174 option + r ®
© Copyright alt 0169 option + g ©

If you use the symbol ©, then you don’t need to type the word copyright.

(c) 2015 Sterling Education Centre (TM) Wrong
Copyright © 2015 Sterling Education Centre ™ Okay, but you’ve typed the word twice.
© 2015 Sterling Education Centre™ Right

Since © means Copyright, you don’t need to type both; that’s like typing a word twice.
Trademark symbols™ are perfectly sized superscript characters and you don’t need a space before the symbol.
Copyright symbols appear in line with the text, and because it represents a word, you may want to put a space on both sides. You may want to use a non-breaking space between the symbol and the year so they don’t separate onto two lines or separate pages. (To do a non-breaking space in Microsoft Word, type Control + Shift + Spacebar.

Tragedy on the Twenty is ©
2015 Barbara Fanson
Tragedy on the Twenty is
© 2015 Barbara Fanson

This is a personal preference, but if the line of type is in italics, I don’t make the © symbol italics, because I think a copyright symbol should be round.
© 2015 Sterling Education Centre

When creating artwork for others, I often reduce the size of a Registered Trademark symbol®, especially if it’s beside a company logo. When you type the symbol, it is the same size as the line of type, but I will change it to superscript to make it smaller.®
This blog was adapted from my Typesetting with Style course manual.