7 writing styles for your blog

7-Writing-StylesAccording to a Hubspot survey of 7,000 businesses, companies that blog at least 15 times per month generate 5 times more traffic than those who blog less than 4 times per month. And at the end of the year, you have enough for an eBook; just add an introduction and a few worksheets or assessments.
So, what should you write about?
A month before, you should meet with all people involved to draw up a plan for the next month. Which days of the week will you publish a blog and what are the topics?
Here are 7 Writing styles to get you started on a blog:

  1. Opinion: If you’re an industry expert, how do you feel about a current issue? Are you fore it or against?
  2. Q & A: The Question and Answer Blog is simply a question—or several questions—and an answer. It may be a question that a client has asked.
    Q: What is an interesting method of presenting an article?
    A: The question and answer technique.
  3. Interview: The interview will be similar to a newspaper or magazine interview. Schedule an interview with someone and you should be able to record it so you can write it later. Lync and Web-Ex are 2 online programs that allow you to record. You may even have enough information for more than one blog.
  4. How To: Share tips on how to do something and you will build trust—and look like an expert.
  5. Post a List: People love lists such as “Top 10 Inventions of the Past 10 Years,” “Top 7 Writing Styles,” or “3 reasons to avoid using all caps.” Compiling a list helps position you as an expert.
  6. Announcement: Don’t just announce a new product or service; tell how customers will benefit from it or how it will affect the industry. Announce a new product and list the top 10 features.
  7. Quiz: Can you name 7 methods of keeping your blog interesting? Starting a blog with “Test your knowledge of …” will likely draw readers in and who can ignore a quiz? An energy group could start a blog with “Can you name 5 ways to keep your home warmer this winter?” Multiple-choice answers make tests easier to take.

These 7 blog styles to get you started were adapted from the book Producing a First-Class Newsletter which lists 16 writing styles that can be adapted to blogs or email newsletters. Written by Barbara Fanson, published by Self-Counsel Press.