Add fresh content to your website


There are at least four ways to get someone to visit your website:

  1. A potential customer did a search on an Internet browser such as Google or Yahoo.
  2. An online promotion had a link to a landing page on your website. You can have a link from Facebook or an email promotion to your website.
  3. Your printed promotional materials supplied a reason to visit your website, such as “receive our eBook on social media safety tips.”
  4. They are following your blog, which you update regularly.

Once viewers visit your website, what gets them to stay? Content marketing.

Updating the content of your website, keeps it fresh and provides a reason for visitors to come a second or third time. Some businesses add new photos of their product or service. Others write a blog. A blog can position you as a leader in your industry. Photos or blog can highlight your newest product or a service. You can also demonstrate a new use for an existing product.

A blog must have a clear niche with useful information. When writing a blog, you should ask two questions:

Who is the audience?

How are you servicing them?

What’s in it for them? People don’t read blogs for nothing; they want something, usually information, inspiration, humor, empathy, or entertainment.

How often should you update the content? As often as you have interesting and relevant information. Make every post or tweet or blog count. Show you care about your readers by posting interesting or informative blogs.

Your website can be one of the most powerful ways to promote your business, drive sales, get your company noticed if you keep it fresh and give potential customers a reason to come back.