Advertising and promotions have changed so much in the last 20 years

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I used to spend $15,000 a year promoting Sterling Education Centre in 1995. Sterling Education Centre does computer training in desktop publishing software programs. Twenty years later, the expense has decreased and the methods of promotion have changed drastically.

Every three months, I mailed DigitalDigest, a print newsletter to 3,000 addresses. It cost $1,000 to print the four-page newsletter and mail it. I used a mailing house so I could qualify for a bulk mail indicia and get a reduced rate. In the beginning, we stuffed an envelope, but as the address list increased, we stopped using an envelope. Within a week, I would make the money back because class registrations would increase.

Today, I can email a newsletter to clients for less. I use MailChimp for my bulk emails. You can use their service for free if you have less than 2,000 email addresses, and after that, you can sign up and pay for each email sent. If you’re not receiving DigitalDigest our e-newsletter, you should subscribe for computer tips and marketing ideas: DigitalDigest

I used to pay $300 a week to advertise in Marketing magazine. The 1 column x 4-inch ad promoted our weekend workshops, so I knew the ads worked.

I have also run ads in the local daily newspaper, but I found they would run ads anywhere in the newspaper—sometimes in the wrong section for trying to attract desktop publishers.

I also have the occasional blog on WordPress because it attracts new readers by using tags. I post articles about desktop publishing, computer tips, promoting your business, and running a business. WordPress blog

I also have a blog on my new website for my books. My next book is tentatively called Promoting Your Book, so I post stories about promoting your book or business. I’m hoping I will have enough blog posts after a year to publish a book.

Today, social media is an important part of promoting your business, especially if you’re hoping to attract young people between the ages of twenty and forty. We have a Facebook page, but I create more posts for my clients than my own Facebook account. Sterling Facebook

Today, I can purchase an ad to run in Facebook and target it to the audience and age group I want. Read my blog called 39 ways to get noticed on Facebook.